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Coffee mug that says Best. Boss. Ever.

Becoming the Boss

Starting a business comes with many challenges, but one of the perks is being your own boss, which makes the challenges seem more manageable, especially if you love what you do and enjoy the process.
happy young woman hugging a piggy bank

11 Ways to Save More Money This Year

With a new year underway, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your spending and start thinking about ways you can save more money this year.
Young couple looking at financial documents

Pre-Wedding Checklist: 9 Financial Topics to Discuss with Your Fiancée

It's important to understand your personal and joint finances when you're starting a life together. Here are 9 things to discuss before your wedding day.
Image of a phone with various apps open including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App and Google Pay

P2P Payment Pitfalls: How to Avoid Payment App Scams

More than half of all Americans use P2P apps, but are they safe? Here’s how to spot some of the top payment app scams and avoid becoming a victim.
hand signing a donation check

Charity Scams

Criminals are increasingly taking advantage of Americans’ generosity, exploiting compassionate donors to line their own pockets. America ranks No. 1 in charitable giving on the World Giving Index, with U.S. charities receiving a record $471 billion in donations in 2020, according to the Giving USA Foundation.

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