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child holding piggy bank

Choosing the Right Bank Account for Your Kids

Finding the right kids bank account is just as, if not more important, than your own financial accounts. Here are some tips to find the right kids bank account.
Back To School written on a chalkboard surrounded by school supplies

Back to School Financial Checklist

For this post, we’ve come up with a few simple lessons for children of all ages that parents can teach, as well as specific action steps you can take as a parent to set them up on the path to financial success. While we’ve arranged them by grade level, feel free to shuffle them around or borrow ideas from other age groups if you feel you missed an important step or your child is ready for a more-advanced goal.
Image of a young girl holding a test with an A+

Should You Pay Your Kids for Good Grades?

Regardless of whether or not your child needs incentive to get good grades, there are several positive results that can come from paying them when they do well in school. Some students are naturally driven to get the best grades they can: the reward is the grade itself. For other children, especially for subjects they may not be particularly fond of, providing an additional incentive could have a major impact on their school performance.
older teen girl on laptop with debit card in hand

Should I Give My Kid a Debit Card?

If you’re a parent of a teenage child, you might already be assigning them household chores or yard work in exchange for an allowance. And if you earned an allowance when you were a kid, you probably got paid by your parents in cold, hard cash. But for today’s teens, times have changed. Today, cash isn’t king — plastic is.
young girl with chin on stack of books - sees dollar signs clouds

Off to College? Here's How Much Spending Money Your Kid Needs their First Year

If your child is heading off to college soon, you’ve probably considered costs like tuition, housing, food and books. But have you considered your college student’s need for spending money? These are the one-off expenses like concert tickets, late-night pizza orders, or a university sweatshirt imprinted with the school mascot.

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