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Keys to Creating a Long-Term Savings Plan

Planning for your future? Here are some tips to creating a long-term savings plan that you can start building now and the small changes you can make today.
Wedding budget

How to Create a Wedding Budget

We all know that budgeting is important, but that’s especially the case when you’re saving for a big-ticket item like your wedding day. Stay on track by creating a wedding budget.
child holding piggy bank

Choosing the Right Bank Account for Your Kids

Finding the right kids bank account is just as, if not more important, than your own financial accounts. Here are some tips to find the right kids bank account.
Tap to Pay FNBT Debit Mastercard

Accepting Payments

Adapting to your customer's needs means you need an efficient way to receive payment for your product or service. Payment methods continue to evolve, so it's best to be prepared to accept various methods.
woman looking out of car window holding car keys

Buying a Car from a Bank vs. a Dealer

Before you head off to the car dealership, you should know about the different financing options you have for car loans, including bank auto loans.


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