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Additional Banking Services 

Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking allows you to do your banking transactions from any touchtone phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available in English or Spanish, our Telephone Banking service provides you with options such as balance inquiries, deposit and withdrawal information, fund transfers, and more.

How to Access FNBT’s Telephone Banking

Dial 800.667.4401, press 2 for Telephone Banking, and follow the easy directions. First time users enroll:

  • User ID: full social security number
  • PIN: date of birth in format of MMDDYYYY
  • Enhanced Security: select and provide answers to 3 security questions

Text Banking

You can do your every day banking through text messages by using a defined set of commands. You can select Text Banking through Online or Mobile Banking under settings, select Preferences.

How to Access FNBT’s Text Banking

Within Online or Mobile Banking click the gear icon/settings

  • Select Preferences, then select Text Banking
  • Enter the phone number you would like text messages to be sent
  • Enter validation code sent to you via text to activate
  • A confirmation text prompts you to set up "To Account" and "From Account"
  • Once enabled, text HELP to 59217 to get a listing of commands you can use

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck, social security, or other regular payment electronically deposited to your FNBT account. Direct Deposit is secure, automatic, and offered at no cost to you. To sign up, use this Direct Deposit form and take it to your employer.

Wire Transfers

Move money anywhere in the world quickly and easily. With our secure and accurate wire transfer service, we can get your cash where it needs to be. Sending a wire is easy. Simply visit any FNBT location and bring all the correct information.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your important items safe where you never have to worry. Safe deposit boxes are designed to give you a place to store your valuables, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these items are secure. Safe deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are an ideal place to keep stock/bond certificates, a copy of your will, fine jewelry, or anything else.

Visa Travel Cards

Travel safe and smart with a travel card from FNBT. It's easy to use, replace, and it's not attached to your bank account. Plus, you can use it online and it's accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

  • Convenient and secure while traveling
  • Eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Freedom to place any amount on the card
  • Access to account information and card balance online
  • No risk of identity theft


Receive your E-Statements in a faster, safer, and more convenient alternative to traditional paper statements—transition to a better way of obtaining your statements by signing up for E-Statements.