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​​The Wealth Management team at First National Bank and Trust specializes in providing sound financial advice and trust, investment, and estate planning services to high net worth individuals.  

Expert Portfolio Management

​We recognize the uniqueness and individual nature of each client, and understand you need to have access to a trust officer located right here in your community. 

Local people and decision-making since 1882

You are entitled to the highest level of local service and communication. Our team of credentialed Wealth Management and Trust experts are local and committed to exceptional day-to-day service with quick responses. 

Superior investment performance

We understand the wisdom of a patient, long-term approach to implementing a personalized financial strategy and our success through decades of shifting markets is a testament to our thoughtful strategies and commitment to providing each client with sound financial advice. 

Access to unparalleled expertise

With our Wealth Management team, you have access to specialists who can integrate investment management into all sectors of your financial life. Managing your investments is a dynamic process. Not only does the economic and financial landscape change, but also your personal needs evolve throughout your life. As your financial needs change, investment decisions become more complex. A properly managed portfolio is always evolving and our local team will advise you through the various life stages and help you secure financial protection as your family's needs evolve. 

​​Our Process

Rely on the experienced Wealth Management team at First National Bank and Trust to help create a plan for your financial future. Our 4 step process combines your goals with our experience to create a plan to grow, manage, and preserve your money.

1. Listen

​We begin by listening to your goals and plans. 

2. Create

We create a custom portfolio based on risk tolerance, investment time horizon, income needs, and tax consequences. 

3. Manage

We manage the quality and appropriateness of the investments in your portfolio, rebalancing as needed.  

4. Review

We meet with you to review your portfolio to sure it is still properly allocated to achieve your goals and plans.