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Person using app to control thermostat

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades to Save You Money

Whether you’re planning a major home renovation or a few simple DIY updates, consider your home’s energy usage and how you can improve it to save money.
Woman working on home repairs

How To Pay for Home Renovations and Improvements

Whether you’re making small repairs around your property or extensive renovations, here are a few tips on how to pay for home improvements this year.
Home Equity Line of Credit Application with an Approved Stamp

How Long Does It Take To Get A HELOC?

Considering a HELOC for home renovation projects or personal expenses? Here's how long it takes to get a HELOC and what you need to apply for a HELOC.
Man on a later caulking windows

Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

Ready for the long Wisconsin Winter? Here are some ways that you can winterize your home and save on your heating bills.
business man and woman going over paperwork at woman's desk

How to Apply for a Bank Loan and Improve Chances of Approval

Whether you’re looking to make a big purchase, cover an emergency expense, or build your credit, getting a loan from the bank can provide the extra cash you need to make it happen. But you can’t simply stroll into a bank and walk back out with the cash you need in your pocket. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying for a personal loan that will help make the process easier. Our quick guide explains how to get a loan from the bank and how you can improve your chances of being approved for the money you’re asking for.

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