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September 2022

Piggy Bank wearing a college graduation hat

Creating A College Savings Plan

Preparing for your child’s higher education can never begin too early. The earlier you start, the more options are available and the longer your money has to grow. Paying for college seems to get more expensive every year. If you have a child who you hope to send to college—either soon or down the road—you may have considered how you will afford to pay for their higher education.
Person using their mobile wallet app to make a purchase in a coffee shop

Benefits of Using A Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital app that can store different cards. Use mobile wallet for debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, boarding passes and more. These days, our cellphones are used for so much more than talking and texting. In fact, some people run their whole lives, including businesses, straight from their smartphone!
Woman meditating

Investing In Self-Improvement

When you invest in self-improvement, you're choosing to make key plans and life changes that benefit you today and in the future. Our blog posts often seek to answer direct investment questions like Why should you pay for a retirement planner? or How do I begin investing? However, this post will focus on a different kind of investment, where you not only invest your dollars, but also your time and energy for a multifaceted payoff that goes beyond simply improving your financial well-being.