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FNBT Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring

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At First National Bank and Trust, we prioritize the safety and protection of our clients. As such, we offer Identity Theft Aid and Monitoring to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Included in BaZing Benefits

Identity Theft Aid

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An all-inclusive identity protection service that provides leagal, financial and Identity theft resoluiton assistance

  • Receive the necessary protection and be reimbursed for eligible expenses you may incur in restoring your identity
  • Have peace of mind and easily cancel and reissue your debit and credit cards if they get lost or stolen.
  • Gain complete access to a fraud specialist who will assist and guide you through the process of restoring your personal identity, credit score, financial security, and legal integrity.

Identity Monitoring

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Designed to secure your personal and financial information and provide monitoring of personal information stored in your online Identity Vault™*
  • Scan potentially risky websites and the dark web for activity involving your personal information.
  • Alert you if a non-credit loan has been opened using your identity
  • Safeguard your identity by notifying you if there is any suspicious activity involving your Social Security number.
  • Watch for fraud involving your personal information.

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