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Contactless Debit Cards

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First National Bank and Trust (FNBT) now offers debit cards with contactless technology. It provides enhanced security and faster checkouts. Just tap to pay!

Enhanced Security for your Debit Cards 

FNBT Debit Card
FNBT's new contactless debit cards allow faster, secure, no-touch transactions at chip enabled merchant terminals with the contactless symbol. No need to insert your card in the terminal and wait for approval - just tap to pay!

Contactless cards have the same layer of fraud protection as EMV chip cards for purchases made at the point of sale. The chip uses short-range wireless technology to complete payments between the card and the terminal for secure transactions to prevent unauthorized use and counterfeiting.

Order Your Contactless Debit Card Now! 

  • The new Contactless Debit Mastercard® is currently available as an Instant Issue card which you can get anytime by visiting one of our branch locations.
  • When your current debit card expires, you will automatically be sent a new contactless debit card. 
  • Request a contactless card by logging into your FNBT Online Banking or Mobile Banking App and send us a message. We'll have a contactless card sent to you in the mail within 7-10 business days. 

Follow these steps to use your Contactless card:

Using Your Contactless Debit Card is Easy - Look Tap Go 1. Look for the contactless symbol on the chip-enabled point-of-sale terminal.
2. Tap your card over the symbol on the terminal to pay quickly.
3. Your payment is completed in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use your contactless card to make digital payments with Apply Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and mobile devices, such as watches, through participating merchants.

No, RFID readers and NFC readers can't extract data from your contactless card.

With Zero Liability–All FNBT debit cards that we issue come with 'zero liability protection,' so you are not held liable for unauthorized transactions if a card is stolen, lost or fraudulently used at a merchant or online. It is important that you promptly report a lost or stolen card or any suspicious transactions. See the applicable agreement for your account on liability and reporting requirements for unauthorized transactions.

You can hold the card within 1-2 inches of the contactless chip reader. Note: you can tap your wallet on the contactless reader, but if you have more than one contactless card in your wallet, you'll need to remove the one you want to use. 

You will see the universal contactless symbol on the terminal. If not contactless-enabled, you will still be able to insert into the chip reader or 'swipe' your card to make your payment. Note: you will need a PIN to be able to make a transaction at an ATM.

The process is essentially the same as at a merchant. Insert your card, leave it in the ATM, and follow the prompts on the screen. Depending on the type of ATM, you might be prompted to re-insert your card. Leave the card in the ATM until the transaction is complete and the card is released, and then remove your card. A PIN is needed for ATM transactions.
Provide your card information as you have done in the past. Chip cards will not change the way payments are made online or by telephone.

Contactless card technology uses the latest chip security, so it is just as safe as inserting a chip card. When used at a chip-enabled terminal, it is protected by a one-time-use code that changes each time you use it.

Yes. A PIN or signature is required when the purchase amount is over the cardholder verification method (CVM) limit. This amount will vary based on the network and merchant.
  • Security - EMV chip layer of security
  • Speed - checkout 10x faster than other in-person methods
  • Convenience - quickly tap and go 
Your payment will process as it normally does using the EMV chip or magnetic stripe on the back.
It's important to report a lost or stolen card immediately. Keep a record of the telephone number on the back of your card and call it if necessary.
A contactless card is a debit or credit card that allows a transaction to be completed with one tap of the card or mobile device at a point of sale terminal displaying this contactless symbol.  If a terminal is not contactless enabled, the card can be used by inserting the chip or swiping, as in the past.
Your card will be replaced with a new contactless card as your current debit card expires. Once your new card arrives, be sure to activate it for use and then destroy your old card. You'll automatically receive your new chip card in the mail before your card's expiration date. There is no extra charge for the new chip card.

If you'd like to request a contactless debit card prior to your current card expiration date, please visit an FNBT branch near you to select an Instant Issue Debit Card which utilizes the contactless technology. 
Even though contactless chip cards have started being issued in the U.S. and some merchants have already installed contactless card terminals for payment, the entire conversion process is expected to take a few years to complete.
That's why contactless cards will continue to have a magnetic stripe on the back. That way, if a merchant's terminal or an ATM is not yet contactless chip-enabled, your transaction can still be processed using the magnetic stripe or EMV chip as it is today.

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