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Loan Payment Options

FNBT wants to make paying your loans quicker and easier by giving you digital options that work best for you. 
Whether you pay by mobile device or desktop, transfer funds from your FNBT account or another financial institution, or just need to ensure payment is made the same day, you have options!

Digital Banking

Make a payment by mobile device or Online Banking by transferring money from a FNBT account to your loan account. 

External Transfers

Pay your loan from a non-FNBT bank by linking the account to your FNBT loan account and set up  fund transfers.


Make a last-minute loan payment from a non-FNBT account e-check in our web payment center.

Questions & Answers for Digital Loan Payment Options

Q: How do I make a FNBT loan payment through Digital Banking?
A: You can transfer money from a FNBT account through Online Banking or the FNBT Mobile Banking App

Q: How do I make a FNBT loan payment using funds from another financial institution?
A: Log into your Online Banking account or mobile app and add the non-FNBT account as an External Transfer link to your loan account. View our Desktop User Guide or Mobile User Guide.

Q: What information do I need to make a payment from an non-FNBT bank account?
A: You will need the other financial institution's routing number and your account number to create a External Transfer link to your FNBT loan account.

Q: What is the cut-off time for making FNBT loan payments?
A: Loan payments from the Mobile App and Online Banking have to be submitted before 6:00 pm CST to post to the current date.  Quick Pay* web center payments need to be submitted Monday-Friday before 4:00 pm CST in order to process as a same day payment. Payments made after this cut-off time will be processed on the following business day. 

Q: What hours and days is the Quick Pay* web payment center available?
A: The Quick Pay* option is available 24/7/365 to make payments to your FNBT loans.

Q: Where do I find my FNBT loan account number to make a payment with Quick Pay?*
A: On your home page in the mobile app or Online Banking after you log in. Click on the Account Name of the loan and select View Details to see your FNBT account number and additional loan information.

Q: Is there a fee for same day FNBT loan payments with the Quick Pay* option?
A: No, there is currently not a fee to make loan payments using our web payment center.

Q: Can I make a payment for any type of FNBT loan via the mobile app, Online Banking, or Quick Pay?*
A: Yes, payments can be made with any of these methods for all types of loans, EXCEPT for payoffs, which cannot be processed through digital banking or via Quick Pay.* Payoff payments may be mailed, dropped off at a branch, or sent via wire transfer.

Q: Can I cancel or change a pending FNBT loan payment?
A: Yes, you can cancel or make changes in the FNBT Mobile Banking App or Online Banking. Follow steps from our Desktop & Tablet User Guide or Mobile User Guide.

Q: How secure are my loan payments using the mobile app, Online Banking, or Quick Pay?*
A: Privacy of your personal information and financial assets are of primary concern to FNBT. We are dedicated to providing secure online financial transactions.

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*Quick Pay may be used to make electronic loan payments from a non-FNBT account. Payments can be made immediately, set up in advance, or scheduled for recurring payments. Transactions can be monitored online and payments made before 4:00pm CST, Monday-Friday, are credited to your loan account the same day.