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Remote Deposit Capture Upgrade

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As First National Bank and Trust (FNBT) prepares for our Business Online Banking Upgrade the weekend of September 25, customers currently using our Remote Deposit Capture SmartSource / Burroughs scanners will receive a brand new Digital Check TS240 scanner which is compatible with the upgraded online experience.

Watch for your New Remote Deposit Check Scanner

Expect Your New Scanner by Sept 14

You may have already received your new check scanner. The scanner you will need for compatibility with our upgraded system is the Digital Check TS240 scanner. If you have not received your new scanner by September 14, please contact your Relationship Manager. If you experience issues installing or using your new scanner, our Business Connection Support Team is here to help by calling 1.888.255.2114.

Software Installation – Administrator Access Required

Both options listed below will require software installation that requires administrator login to your computer. Depending on your access level, you may need your IT team to help if you do not have administrator login. After the initial setup, you will login to your workstation with your normal credentials.

Once you receive your new scanner, you have 2 options: 

Option 1: Install New Scanner Now

You may install your new scanner right away in order to become familiar with the new device and ensure it works properly. We have tested this scanner before delivery to you, but it’s always a good idea to make sure nothing happened during delivery. If you choose to install the new scanner right away, you will install new software that is compatible with this scanner and our current online banking environment. Please note: If you choose to install your new scanner now, you will also be required to install new software on or after September 28 for compatibility with our upgraded system.

Quick Guide for Installing New Scanner Now →

Scanner Software Required for Installing Now →

Option 2: Install New Scanner on Sept 28

You may wait to install your scanner on or after Monday, September 28 once our online banking system has been upgraded. If you choose this option, you will login to the upgraded system which will prompt you through the first-time setup process which includes installing the compatible driver and plugging in the scanner.

Quick Guide for Installing on or after September 28 →