Notice to Business Customers of Agreement Amendments
Pursuant to the amendment provisions in the Master Cash Management Services Agreement and the FirstB2B Online Banking Agreement, we are amending these agreements. The amendments will take effect on July 1, 2017. This email serves as written notice to you of these changes. You do not need to take any action. Your use of the services following your receipt of this notice will constitute your acceptance of the amendments.

First, the FirstB2B Agreement is being amended to clarify that it governs the relationship between us and your company. We wanted to make clear that the policies, obligations, and rights discussed in the FirstB2B Agreement apply to all agreements and accounts that you have with us.

Next, we have amended the FirstB2B Agreement and the Master Cash Management Services Agreement to state that we may disclose information about your account or transactions to third parties providing fraud prevention services, such as our new partner Guardian Analytics. We continue to strive to protect your accounts and transfers and believe that fraud prevention services are valuable to ensuring the security of your accounts and transfers. We will only disclose to the third parties the amount of information necessary to facilitate the service.