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Free Budgeting Apps for People New to Saving Money

From weight loss to time management to learning sign language, there’s a phone app out there to help you accomplish nearly anything. But how many apps on your phone can you say are helping you reach your goals on a daily basis? To help you get on track with your saving and budget goals, a free budget app may be just the guide you need. There are a lot of reputable budgeting apps available, and many of them are free (and FREE is great for someone on a budget).

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Free budget apps:

To help you get off on the right financial foot in 2022, we’ve compiled a list of these well-known budget apps for you from 2021.
  1. Mint: This basic budgeting app is an option for people who want to track their everyday spending and follow a simple budget. It’s also an ideal free budgeting app for the everyday consumer.
  2. Pocket Guard: This budget app shows a simplified snapshot of your budget and spending habits through easy-to-read charts. It links all your accounts to create a comprehensive snapshot of your financial status. This app is modeled for people trying to build a budget, because it takes your income, projected living expenses, and savings goals to estimate the amount of spending money you’ll have per month.
  3. Personal Capital: For a holistic view of your finances, download the Personal Capital app and link all your banking and investing accounts. This budget app is used for tracking investments and monitoring your portfolio.
  4. Good Budget: You’re probably familiar with the envelope method for saving, but how does it work in our increasingly cashless digital world? Good Budget has figured that out for you, bringing the envelope method into the modern era. This app also features a number of educational materials for those who are new to saving get started with a budget. 

Things to consider when choosing a budget app

When testing out the free budgeting apps of 2021, here are some things to take into account:
  • Is it free? There are plenty of subscription-only budget apps out there, but there are many perfectly good free budget apps to use too. Don’t feel like you need to pay for your budget app.
  • Can I sync my existing bank and investing accounts within the app?
  • Can multiple people log in and collaborate on budgeting within the app?
  • Will the budget app help me save in general, or for one specific purchase? Can it do both?
  • Which budget app is right for me? Check the number of downloads and review ratings of the budget apps. That can give you a good idea whether others find it helpful.
Take some time to explore these free budget app options and weigh the pros and cons. These are all reputable budget app options, so you may want to download a couple of different apps and use them each for a while, just to see which works best for your financial goals.

At the end of the day, a budget app is only as helpful as you make it. Commit to using the budget app every day, and check in regularly to make sure it’s still useful. Financial success and satisfaction start with a budget you can stick to and that helps you reach your goals. 

First National Bank and Trust can help you reach your savings goals
At First National Bank and Trust, we want to help you reach your goals with helpful advice and personalized tools that are customized to your unique needs. Read about how to find the best budget for you. 

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