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11 Digital Banking Features to Make Your Life Easier

Here are our top 11 favorite digital banking features available to First National Bank and Trust customers, designed to make your life easier.

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Nearly 80% of Americans prefer to bank digitally today, either through apps on their mobile devices or online portals on their computers. And with so many features that can make your life easier—skipping trips to the bank, avoiding long call wait times, and paying bills with a few taps—it’s no wonder they do.

If you’re new to digital banking, haven’t explored all the options available, or have been hesitant to set up your account, this post is for you. Here are our top 11 favorite digital banking features available to First National Bank and Trust customers, designed to make your life easier:

1. Account Alerts

Setting up account alerts can give you peace of mind, knowing you’ll be notified of low balances, unusual account activity, and other security alerts. Digital banking with FNBT allows you to easily set up these alerts, designating the method (email or text) with which you’d like to receive them. There are many alert options available through digital banking. Specific alerts include:
  • Notification of individual accounts that go below a specific dollar amount.
  • Transaction alerts when deposits or withdrawals are posted to individual accounts.
  • Daily balance alerts can be scheduled for a specific time of the day.
  • Security alert if your email address or phone number is changed.
  • Security alert if any preferences or notification delivery methods are changed.  

2. PIN Login

Accessing your accounts within mobile banking can be quick and easy by creating a unique personal identification number (PIN). A PIN allows you to log into view your accounts on the go without needing to enter a Username and Password. Creating a unique PIN helps keep your accounts secure and accessible.

3. ‘Pay A Person’

Want to send money easily to a friend or family member? Need to send rent to your roommate or landlord or pay your babysitter or lawn service provider? You can do that through FNBT’s personal payment service, Pay A Person, a secure third party money transmitter. With Pay A Person, you can safely send money to anyone, no matter where they bank, as long as you have their email address or cell phone number, without having to exchange sensitive financial account information. And if you’re owed money, you can also use Pay A Person to request and receive payments. 

4. P2P Payments with Alternative Apps

Some of our customers use similar mobile apps as their alternative P2P (Person-to-Person) payment platform—and it’s easy to link your FNBT bank accounts. Simply add your debit card or bank account information to begin using your account funds to send money via the app, and easily transfer money you receive back into your account. For more information about third party money transfer options, check out our recent post.

5. Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is one of the most popular and common digital banking features. In fact, more than half of Americans pay their bills online. Paying bills online is fast and secure, saving you time and money on stamps. And with receipts of all your transactions, it can help you better manage your financial record keeping, too. Online Bill Pay is easy to set up, and can be used to pay both single and recurring payments. If you haven’t started utilizing online Bill Pay through your FNBT mobile app or digital banking portal, check it out today!

6. Mobile Deposit

One of the most convenient mobile banking features is the ability to deposit checks without making a trip to the bank. Not only will you save time, but you can rest assured that the check deposit posts quickly and securely, without worrying about losing it before your next branch visit. The Personal Mobile Deposit feature allows you to scan and deposit checks from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile device. 

7. Mobile Wallet

A mobile or digital wallet is separate from your mobile banking app but is just one more way to utilize digital banking to simplify your financial transactions. Mobile wallets are more secure than physical credit or debit cards, while allowing you to store information for multiple debit and credit cards in one place. Just choose which card you want to use at checkout. Use your mobile wallet to conveniently pay for purchases using your phone or digital watch anywhere digital payments are accepted. Your FNBT card can be loaded into any of the top apps, including Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, too. To learn more about how mobile payments can make your life easier, check out our recent post, “Benefits of Using A Mobile Wallet”.

8. Disable and Enable Debit Cards

Lose your debit card while traveling? Need to disable a stolen debit card right away? Logging into online banking on your computer or mobile device allows you to quickly disable your FNBT debit card (and re-enable if you find it!), immediately preventing fraudulent transactions. Don’t stress about lost or stolen cards. Simply click on the “My Debit Card” card management tool to disable, then call 800.667.4401 to report and order a replacement card.

9. Set Spending Limits

Other great card management tools available through FNBT digital banking are “Transaction Controls” and “Spending Controls.” These tools allow you to limit the kind of transactions you can make with your card or set a maximum dollar amount for transactions. These features are particularly useful if you want to limit your spending in a particular account, restrict purchases on a shared account, or help teach your children how to best manage their finances and prevent overspending.

10. Travel Notices

Traveling soon? Unusual activity for purchases in other states or countries might get flagged, leading your card to be declined when you need it the most. Don’t risk your debit card getting incorrectly flagged for a fraudulent purchase while you are on the road. Use online banking to set up Travel Notifications to inform us where and when you will be traveling, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be approved and you will 

11. Update Your Contact Information

Did you recently move? Get a new phone number? Change your email address? It’s easy to update your contact information anytime without making a phone call or visiting a branch. Simply log into FNBT’s online banking portal or open the mobile app on your smartphone to make any needed changes to your contact maintain access to your funds wherever you go. 

Bank Digitally with First National Bank and Trust

As we discussed recently in our post, “Benefits of Online Banking,” there are so many ways that digital banking can simplify your life and management of your finances. FNBT has been providing banking services for more than 140 years and is proud to offer you an array of cutting-edge features that embrace the convenience and security of modern online banking. Log into online banking on your computer, or download our Mobile App on your phone, smart watch, or other mobile device today to get started.

To get the most out of your digital banking experience with FNBT, view our digital flipbooks (Personal Online Desktop & Tablet User Guide and Personal Mobile Banking User Guide)! These helpful guides provide step-by-step directions and screenshots to assist you. 

Love digital banking but still like to work one-on-one with a local banking professional? Have questions about how to log in or use your app? Call or visit your nearest branch in Beloit, Clinton, Darien, Delavan, Elkhorn, Janesville, Argyle, Monroe, Walworth, or Williams Bay in Southern Wisconsin, or Rockton, Roscoe, or Winnebago in Northern Illinois—we’re happy to help! Check out our guide to safely managing your bank account on the go!