Visa® Travel Cards

Visa® Travel Cards

Ever lost your wallet while on vacation? It's a disaster, right? Travel safe and smart with a travel card from FNBT. It's easy to use, easy to replace, and it's not attached to your bank account. Plus, you can use it online and it's accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Hello, freedom.

  • Convenient and secure for customers while traveling.
  • Eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Freedom to place any amount on the card.
  • Access to account information online.
  • No risk of identity theft.
Buy Travel Currency

Travelers have access to 50 currencies for next-day delivery to their home. Additionally, travelers may schedule delivery up to 21 days from the order date.

• 50+ currencies available online

• Next-day delivery on all orders

• Service provided by Travelex

Buy your foreign currency online by 4pm EST and it will be delivered to your home next day delivery. Click here to buy your travel money today.