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Throughout our history we have helped our customer families and community families through challenging circumstances. Given the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus, we recognize that many are facing financial hardships as a result of illness or business interruption.

Consumer Relief Solutions

First National Bank and Trust is Here to Help

We've stepped up initiatives to help lessen the burden on our customers. In this rapidly changing environment, please reach out to 1.800.667.4401 to discuss your unique situation. 

If you have an account with First National Bank and Trust (FNBT) and need assistance, we are here to help. couple budgeting

  • Loan deferments - You may be eligible to defer payments on your personal, home equity, or mortgage loan without negatively impacting your credit. 
  • Suspension of late fees – We will be suspending all late fees through July 31 to give customers a chance to adjust to changing working arrangements and any family hardships.
  • Suspension of minimum balance requirements  -We will be suspending the monthly fall below fees through July 31 for the following products:
    • First Money Market
    • Matrix Money Market
    • Privilege Plus Accounts
    • First Choice Savings
  • Suspension of Non-FNBT ATM fees* - We are suspending our fees through July 31, to FNBT customers for using other banks’ ATMs.  
  • Suspension of additional fees – Through July 31, we are suspending excess items fees for savings and money market accounts, telephone transfer fees and overdraft automatic transfer fees from savings and lines of credit.
  • Suspension of Safe Deposit Box Drilling – We will not be initiating any safe deposit box drilling for non-payment of rental at this time
  • Suspension of foreclosures – We are suspending all actions on residential properties, unless required by federal or government agencies
  • Suspension of repossessions – We are not initiating any repossessions  for vehicle, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle loans.
  • Suspension of adverse credit reporting – We are suspending all adverse credit agency reporting in compliance with the CARES Act.


Gain Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Additionally, FNBT is pleased to provide you AT NO COST pharmacy/vision/hearing savings and identity theft protection benefits (if you aren’t already receiving these benefits in your checking account) through 12/31/2020. For more information on these benefits click here >>.


We will continue to evaluate our program including options to extend or expand as the situation evolves in the coming weeks.

View information on FNBT's Business Relief efforts.


*FNBT, MoneyPass® and AllPoint® ATM use is free for First National Bank and Trust customers. ATM owners outside of the FNBT, MoneyPass, and AllPoint networks may charge a fee. Balance inquiry and international fees may apply.