Bank At Work Program

Bank At Work Program

Add to your employee benefits package with this free program while simplifying payroll and other operating expenses. At FNBT, we understand that employers and employees need a banking relationship that fits the way they both want to bank. Employee Advantage was designed to meet those needs.

This program gives your employees more value and convenience, which will make them happy. And it will also save you money by increasing direct deposit participation, which should bring a smile to your face as well. This powerful program is designed for companies just like yours.


  • Financial benefit to employees at no cost to your company
  • Increase the percentage of direct deposit activity, driving down payroll costs
  • Easy, hassle-free sign-up for your employees at on-site signup days
  • On-site meetings to introduce Employee Advantage and open accounts
  • Free Employee Advantage promotional materials, including posters, flyers, and coupons
  • We actively promote the benefits of direct deposit
  • Mortgage discount offers, such as reduced closing costs certificates
  • Partner with our mortgage lenders to host First Time Homebuyer and Refinancing "Lunch & Learn" seminars
  • Partner with our investment executives to host investment planning seminars

Oftentimes the benefit package is the pivotal factor in hiring and retaining the best employees. But most benefits cost money. To overcome that, we help businesses offer their staff an attractive banking benefit that includes special pricing on checking accounts, loan discounts, financial planning options, banking advice and more.

So sit back, relax and we'll do the banking for you. When you sign up for Employee Advantage, our bankers will do all the follow-up work free of charge.