Free Online Financial Courses

Expand your financial knowledge today with FNBT's free, online educational tool!

Checking-Accounts_Square.jpgAt First National Bank and Trust, we are committed to helping you pave a path toward a secure financial future. And that begins with a solid understaing of key financial concepts, such as:

  • saving money
  • investing
  • buying a home
  • overdraft
  • credit cards
  • credit scores
  • financing higher education

As an FNBT customer, you now have access to an online money management program that explains these critical concepts in a series of 2-7 minute interactive segments. There are even helpful quizzes to demonatrate your newly acquired knowledge!

Highlights of the program:
  • A series of short, interactive learning modules on key financial topics.
  • Action plans to help you take the next step.
  • Mobile and tablet enabled so you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish
After completing the program, you'll have learned about mortgages, overdraft fees, credit scores and reports, payment types and credit cards, insurance and taxes, identity protection and much more!

Access this free, online educational tool in the comfort of your own home.EverFi.png

With each segment that you complete, you'll be on your way to increasing your financial savvy and taking control of your future.

It's easy to get started

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  2. Click the green "Get Started" button
  3. Enter your name and zip code
  4. Select a course and get started