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Email it. Text it. Pay people with Pay a Friend. It's easy, quick...and free!*

Pay a Friend with FNBT's Online & Mobile Banking Services

No more checks or fumbling for cash. With Pay a Friend personal payment service, sending, receiving or requesting money with just about anyone, no matter where they bank*, is safe and secure, quick and easy. 
The Pay a Friend personal payment service lets you send, receive or request money from friends, family or just about anyone with an email address or mobile number.* Pay a Friend is a part of FNBT's digital banking service and lets you move money from your First National Bank and Trust bank account to theirs safely and securely, with ease. And Pay a Friend is easy for your friends and family to use at their bank.*

Q: How does it work?

  • Pay a Friend works through online banking or the mobile banking app, using the same systems and security you rely on today.
  • To send money, all you need is the name and email address or mobile telephone number of the recipient.* They will receive a personalized email or text message notification.
  • The money will move from your First National Bank and Trust account to theirs—without having to exchange financial account information with each other.
  • If you are owed money, you can request it from someone using their email address or mobile number. When you are sent the money owed with Pay a Friend, the funds will be deposited right into the checking or savings account that you designate. 

Q: What can you use it for?

  • Give a gift to family and friends
  • Collect rent from tenants or roommates
  • Send or request money for club dues, your sports team or a group vacation
  • Pay your dog walker or lawn care service
  • Send money to your child at college
  • Pay back friends for a fun outing, like a dinner or concert

* Pay a Friend personal payments services are provided by a licensed money transmitter. Not available for international transactions. Terms and conditions apply.