Fanfare Loyalty Solution

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Market, Grow, and Retain your business with the Fanfare loyalty solution. Would you like a way to attract new customers, retain your current customers and market your business? 


Do you want to be able to offer the kind of targeted deals and enticing rewards that have previously been reserved for chains and big box stores?  If so, we have a solution for you!
Fanfare is a fully integrated, easy to use program that is designed for your business. It allows you to offer a loyalty reward program to retain and reward current customers, feature gift cards to attract new customers, and run promotions to market your business. 

It is easy to use.

Fanfare does not need any separate hardware. There is no complex installation-just download the software and go. It integrates seamlessly with your payment processing at the point of sale (POS), provides easy enrollment options, can allow shoppers to link their favorite payment card to the loyalty program. This means customers can easily earn rewards and receive discounts-no paper coupons, loyalty cards or key fobs needed.

It provides insights you can use.

Fanfare features robust reporting, analytics and a management dashboard that you can use to measure program effectiveness while capturing shopper data. This will allow you to learn what programs work and use the insights to design future marketing campaigns, customer offers and sales promotions.

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Do you want to learn more about Fanfare and how it can work for your business? Contact your bank representative to get started today!