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Business Customer Testimonials

At First National Bank and Trust, we're focused on Family Business because we are one! We treat our customers and communities like family by providing exceptional service and Sound Advice. Don't take our word for it... read below to see what our customers have to say about us.
Give us a try. We'll treat you like family!

“We have banked exclusively with First National Bank and Trust (FNBT), because we love its friendly atmosphere and appreciate that employees know customers by name. The staff is always looking for ways to support us with new ideas or options, and is eager to quickly resolve any issues we may have. We also think FNBT’s extensive involvement in the community is wonderful.

When we purchased our most recent building downtown, Dan Mowers went above and beyond to make sure it went smoothly. He was knowledgeable, kind and just as excited as we were to close the deal. This makes our relationship feel more like family.

We recommend FNBT to everyone we know for personal and business banking. In talking with other business owners, we believe we get the best service and a great value. Locally owned and operated, First National is business-friendly and family-focused.

FNBT will be our bank for life!”
- Stephanie Knueppel, LPC
Stateline Mental Health Services

“We have always felt like family with First National Bank and Trust (FNBT). My grandparents and parents were customers when each of them owned the mattress business and worked directly with the Eldred family to start the partnership. The Eldred family was also a customer of ours and purchased mattresses from us. When I was growing up, Gerry White, who has since retired in 2008 after 40 years of service, was our relationship manager and would stop at our shop frequently to ensure business was going well.
Today, whenever my family needs anything, we call Jessica Hernandez and she takes care of it. We do not have to call an 800 number and wait hours for assistance. Jessica has helped us with previous credit card processing and pin pad issues. She actually came into our store to troubleshoot these issues for us, even spending time on the phone with technical support and helped us get a new card processing pin pad. I don’t know of too many other banks that would provide that kind of service!
I recommend FNBT all the time. I think family owned businesses benefit from its high level of customer service, low fees, and single point of contact for questions or assistance.”
- Ryan Poppie, Owner
Beloit Mattress Co.

“We were with our previous bank for 20 years when our old bank merged with another bank and the personal customer service vanished. We felt like we were just an account number, so we decided to explore other banks. We are glad we found First National Bank and Trust (FNBT). Bonnie Gundry and her team at the Rockton branch have given us the personal customer service we were looking for and invited us to many bank functions throughout the year, which has made us feel like family.

We also like FNBT's competitive rates and many convenient locations. I have recommended FNBT to other family owned businesses and give it a five star rating.”
- Brad Oler, President
New Haven XR Solutions, Inc.

“I enjoy working with First National Bank and Trust (FNBT) because it is a local bank, not a branch of a huge, corporate bank. I feel I have more of a personal, family-like relationship with FNBT and I am comfortable calling if I have a problem or need anything.
Diane Gustafson told me the team at FNBT would make changing banks as painless as possible, but I know these things are rarely simple. Well, Diane was right and FNBT made the transition from my former bank easier than I ever thought it would be. She even suggested I utilize a remote check deposit machine, which is very convenient and saves me time not having to take multiple trips to the bank to make deposits each month. My former bank never suggested this. FNBT has even called me personally to approve a payroll I had forgotten, which saved me from an employee mutiny! There really is a big difference in personalized customer service when using a local, family-focused community bank.”
- Troy Greenberg, Owner
Greenberg Casework Co.

"Dave Marshick and his team helped make the transition of our bank accounts painless. In fact, we had intended to move every single loan, but after the bank reviewed one particular mortgage, they recommended not refinancing it due to the time and expense involved.  The bank would have benefitted if we moved the mortgage and I was willing to do it, but they put the customer first instead of profit, and I appreciated that.  
When it comes down to it, banking products are similar everywhere, but I believe it’s the people you work with that make a difference.  Business banking with First National Bank and Trust (FNBT) is more personal, and as a small business owner, I like to do business with other family-owned small businesses.  I’d recommend FNBT to any family business owner who feels the same.”

- James McGovern, President
Raptor Enterprises