Managing Wealth

One priority. One focus. One goal. For over seventy years, we have never lost sight of the fact we exist for one reason: to work hard on behalf of the clients we are privileged to serve. Your estate and financial plan is only as effective as the trustee you choose to carry out that plan. Your legacy deserves expert attention.

First National Bank and Trust's dedicated experts can provide:

  • Objectivity – in following your trust instructions. A job that may be difficult for a friend or family member trustee.
  • Experience – from years of managing trusts on a daily basis. It is what we do.
  • Investment Expertise – in both recommending an investment strategy to fit your needs and high quality investment choices.
  • Cost Efficiency – with reasonable trust fees. Our compensation is based on how much the assets are worth, so our motivation is the same as yours – to grow the assets!
  • Permanence – Unlike individuals, a corporate trustee will not become ill or die, go on vacation, or become distracted by personal concerns. We will administer your trust for as long as it endures.
  • Peace of Mind – knowing you have selected an objective expert to manage your assets.