Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

Our experienced team can settle your estate without putting the burden on a loved one or friend. During emotional times, let us deal with the complexities of an extensive probate or trust administration. As your executor/personal representative or successor trustee, we will efficiently administer your estate by utilizing our considerable in-house resources, drawing on relationships with other professionals, and adhering to the sound fiduciary practices set forth by government regulations.

Let us keep harmony in your family and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your legacy will be preserved according to your plan.

Working With You

We understand the broad responsibilities required and are well qualified to carry them out on your behalf. Rather than face those challenges alone, call on us to work with you as co-executor/personal representative or co-trustee. We can provide professional oversight to accompany your personal touch.

An Executor's Duties

• Collect and safeguard estate assets

• Determine the value of assets

• Obtain appraisals of real estate and personal property

• Prepare the inventory of assets for the court and beneficiaries

• Keep accurate records

• Locate and notify potential beneficiaries

• Investigate claims against the estate and pay all valid debts

• Collect income or debts that are owed to the estate

• Prepare and file federal and state tax returns

• Manage or liquidate any controlled business

• Distribute the estate to beneficiaries or trusts according to the terms of the will

• Prepare a final account to be presented