Advisory Trust

Advisory Trust

As an industry leader, First National Bank and Trust has a line of business that does not force you to choose between the investment advisor and the trustee. Managing a trust requires two very important skills sets: excellent fiduciary oversight and comprehensive administration. We understand that sometimes bifurcating the investment and fiduciary functions of a trust is best.

Our Advisory Trust Services include:

• Collect income generated by trust assets

• Distribute assets to beneficiaries according to the trust's terms

• Provide safeguarding and custody of assets

• Pay routine bills and estimated income tax

• Pay real estate taxes

• Coordinate annual tax reporting

• Use electronic transfer of funds for deposits and payments

The Wealth Management team at First National Bank and Trust Company has more than 7 decades of experience. We're a locally owned and operated family bank with a national charter, which means we can be your expert trustee no matter where you reside in the United States.

Financial Advisors

Using our trust powers and your investment expertise helps you provide the best possible service for your clients to help them achieve their objectives. We will work with you to offer trust services that preserve your advisor-client relationship. we will serve as trustee and handle the administrative duties for your clients' trusts. You continue to manage the trust's assets.


No need to severe your relationship with your current investment advisor. We will work with your advisor to ensure your trust receives the attention it deserves.