ACH Manager Alert

Important information for Windows XP, Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and IE8 users

As of April 2014 Microsoft no longer supports or provides security updates for Windows XP operating systems. If you are running Windows XP, IE7 or IE8 we recommend that you upgrade your operating system and/or browsers to a newer version. Upgrading to supported software will provide security updates and protection for you, especially when you are accessing online financial information.

FNBT has provided support for its customers that access Online Banking via the Windows XP Operating System and/or IE7 or IE8 for more than 10 years, but in that time technology and the way we use it has changed significantly.

We are committed to combatting fraud by continuously evaluating ways to fortify the integrity of our systems. To protect your online banking experience and allow us to continue to deliver new functionality, FNBT has discontinued Online Banking support for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and IE8, in line with Microsoft's own support demise.

For more information including FAQs visit our Fraud & Security area.

Attention FirstB2B Business Online Banking Users - an upgrade to FirstB2B is coming soon. It's important you take action if you are using Windows XP and/or IE7 or IE8.