Cash Management

Business moves fast. Our sophisticated online cash management system allows you to move faster. Manage your working capital and day to day expenses with this robust collection of convenient services.

We understand the vast complexities of managing working capital in order to help you implement effective solutions for your business. Our extensive host of products and services can help your company to speed collections, manage payments, facilitate cash flow management, and mitigate risk. Set your cash management services today.

Merchant Services

Provide your business with a way to accept credit and debit cards for the sale of your products and services. Improve cash flow and convenience for both your business and your customers, with funds collected within 2 business days. A Merchant Card account will help you increase your average sales amount and sales volume. We offer the latest electronic credit card terminals to make processing VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® transactions easy.

ACH Origination

Streamline your payroll and make payments faster with our ACH Origination system. You can pay your employees through direct deposit and make payments to state and federal governments for taxes. You can also pay other vendors who accept ACH credits. For more information on this product check out our tutorial here.

If you'd like to know more about the automated clearinghouse process and the regulations that may affect you as a business owner visit for more information.

Domestic and Foreign Wire Transfers

With wire transfer services you will receive incoming wires in a timely manner and personalized confirmation of your wire receipt. Get wiring instructions here.

Positive Pay

Strengthen your cash control and virtually eliminate check fraud in one easy step with our web-based Positive Pay program. You provide an electronic file with a listing of checks that your business has issued. If a check appears on the list that is not accounted for, it will not be honored without your approval. For more information on this product check out our tutorial here.

Contact an FNBT representative today and we can set you up with any or all of these services and make managing your cash flow easier.