Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and expense that could be better spent running your business. With this convenient electronic service, you can scan checks in and deposit them without getting up from your desk.

It's easy to use—just scan your checks with our special desktop scanner, send them to the bank, we'll automatically credit your account. No running to the bank, waiting in line, or calling couriers. This service is also ideal for consolidating deposits from multiple locations. It's the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash. Sign up today.

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  • Make deposits from your office
  • Save time, trips to the bank, and courier fees
  • Consolidate funds from multiple locations
  • Secure transmission of checks
  • Deposited funds credited sooner
  • Low monthly fee

Learn more about Remote Deposit Capture and watch a demo here.

To launch remote deposit capture select "Remote Deposit" from the "Additional Logins" area at the top right of this page, or click here.


What type of checks can be processed through Remote Deposit?

All personal and business U.S. checks and postal money orders can be processed through Remote Deposit. Checks from Canada and other foreign countries, food stamps, and poor image quality checks must be deposited traditionally.

How secure is Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit features multiple layers of security including password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security available.

What do we need to use Remote Deposit?

All you need are the following items:

  • A PC with a current version of Microsoft 7, XP or Vista and a USB 2.0 port
  • A supported desktop check scanner and software
  • A high speed internet connection
  • A business checking account with First National Bank

How does Remote Deposit expedite access to our funds?

Electronic deposits using Remote Deposit eliminate the need to physically deliver your checks to the bank and can extend the deposit window beyond traditional banking hours. Once received by First National Bank, electronic items can be processed quicker.

When can electronic deposits be issued to First National Bank?

You can transmit electronic deposits to the bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays with the exception of the bank's routine maintenance downtime. Contact us at 800.667.4401 for more details.

What should we do with the original paper checks after deposits are made?

Original checks should be stored for a minimum amount of time prior to being destroyed. Our staff can let you know what this specific time frame is. Your company will need to set policies for the proper storage and methods for securely destroying the original paper checks.

How do we prevent checks from being scanned and deposited twice?

The software has duplicate detection built-in that detects items already captured. If the software detects potential duplicate checks, an alert prompts you to make a decision about the items in question.

How do we know if the image quality is acceptable?

The software has an Image Quality Assessment (IQA) tool that automatically identifies checks with missing or unreadable fields.

Are the check images stored permanently on our local computer?

No. All electronic deposits are permanently stored at the bank, not on your local computer. Images are only stored temporarily in your computer's memory until a batch is uploaded to the bank or the deposit is cancelled. The check images are then removed from your computer's memory.

Who should use the system and what type of training will be provided?

Individuals already in charge of manually preparing and delivering deposits are typically the same people who will use Remote Deposit.

How can I keep up with the legal requirements of ACH I need to be aware of as a business owner?

Visit to learn more.

Technical Information

For Technical Support on Remote Deposit call 800-667-4401 ext. 8037.