Why Choose FNBT

Our Performance

Many years of consistent earnings and sound banking practices is another reason why independent ratings firms such as Bauer Financial continue to designate FNBT as a 5 Star Bank. Check out our performance for yourself:

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2013 Annual Report

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Our Mission

We will be the premier community bank in the markets we serve through our commitment to building long-term relationships. Our goal is to increase value for our shareholders, customers, team members, and communities by providing sound advice and innovative and competitive financial products.

Our Vision

We will satisfy our customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially. Our product is service, our value added is advice and our competitive advantage is our people.

Our Strategic Direction

We strive to become a "super" community bank. We will offer more than traditional banking services, including Trust, Retirement Services, Investment Management, Brokerage, and Insurance. We are also a distributor—delivering through a variety of channels that our customers have told us they want: the traditional branch, ATM network, customer support center, Internet, mobile phone, email and mail.

Our Goal

Through great service and sound advice, our goal is to earn all of our customers' business.

Our History

In 1882, Beloit was a typical small-town-America hometown with a population of no more than 5,000 people. The downtown stores were shabby; many of them were of wooden construction. During this period, even the streets were unpaved. They were either all mud or all dust; in fact sidewalks all over town were made of wooden planks laid on stringers. Fires gradually eliminated the old wooden buildings that were replaced by better-built, more impressive structures.

The first streets paved were Grand Avenue (then Bridge Street) and State Street. It was on one of those streets that Charles H. Parker opened The Second National Bank in the midsummer of 1882. From the beginning, the Second National Bank was a success. Burdette P. Eldred was elected President in 1912. By the outbreak of the First World War, the Second National Bank was one of the most stable institutions in Beloit. In 1930 the bank proposed to expand its services to the Beloit community, and applied to the Federal Reserve Board for permission to create a Trust Department. Burdette P. Eldred passed away in 1951. His son, B.P. Eldred, Jr. was elected to succeed as President.

In 1961, President B.P. Eldred, Jr. died suddenly. News of his death greatly saddened his community. When the Board of Directors assembled five days later, they assured the community that the leadership of the bank would remain in the family. Acting with faith in youth coupled with experience, the Directors chose his son John, who had been serving on the Board for the past three years, as the new President.

President Eldred began to present himself in even more important community roles. An active volunteer, he has maintained the tradition of community service established by both his grandfather and great-grandfather and has played an important part in banking circles in the state as well.

In 1998, John Eldred's son Steven became President of First National Bank and Trust Company. In the past few years, First National Bank and Trust Company has experienced a great deal of regional growth, acquiring Macktown State Bank with offices in Roscoe and Rockton, Illinois in February 2001. In March of 2003, FNBT successfully finalized the purchase of three Amcore offices in the communities of Clinton and Darien. In 2007 a branch was added in Janesville, Wisconsin. In 2009 three Amcore offices in the Monroe and Argyle communities were purchased. This acquisition increased First National Bank and Trust's offices to twelve full service locations.

Throughout our more than 130 year-history, First National Bank and Trust has proudly served the people of Beloit, and surrounding communities in both Illinois and Wisconsin. We look forward to continuing that history with many more years of service.